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Check your math


The increase came from STATE tax dollars. Now, I understand that these are still tax dollars, but I'd rather the school department bring my state taxes back here rather than have them go somewhere else. Apparently you'd rather that Auburn not try to bring back the money we sent to Augusta and let them give it to someone else.

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Climbing up the wrong tree...

People keep climbing up the school departments tree when it comes to local tax increases... Why? Are people really so far in the dark that they don't realize its not the schools that have been causing our taxes to go up, its the municipality spending? Every red cent of tax increase this year in Auburn went to the municipal budget, with ZERO increase to the schools. Its worth pointing out that we are one of VERY FEW towns in Maine where more of your taxes go to the municipality than go to the schools. The ironic part here is that the school department continues to EXPAND the services it provides to Auburn students, while the municipality decreases the services it provides to citizens. Who's making the best use of your tax dollars? So looking at this, someone explain to me why the schools should be blamed for our high taxes.

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Wednesday 8/28/13