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Gov. LePage and his Proposed Budget Cuts

When Gov. LePage spends a year living on MY yearly budget or that of any other Maine citizen that deals with low income/poverty, disability and the day to day stressors involved in making ends meet THEN he'd have not only a better idea of what it's like but also perhaps a bit more credibility as governor of our state!
Kudos to Rep. Rotundo and all others who are fighting against such drastic cuts and in doing so, taking a stand for those who are most vulnerable to such cuts!
Gov. Lepage, I do not own a car, I do not qualify for MaineCare, I am on disability and have begun my return to the workforce (where I was once productive and self suppporting for two decades) and now, as a result, I no longer qualify for my small food stamp allotment per month even though I am able to work only part time currently. I live in subsidized housing, I do not own a cell phone and I do not have cable. Could YOU live comfortably like that? Would YOU be able to with even MORE drastic cuts?
My mom is 71, she was diagnosed with cancer this year and had to have surgery to remove part of her lung. She is not in an optimal living situation and she struggles to make ends meet. I will survive either way because I am a survivor but how can anyone in good conscience advocate cutting essential services to folks who have worked and paid taxes all their lives and who now, NEED the help?
To consider the needs of the state "without emotion" is to do so without heart as well. In my humble opinion anyway!

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My Condolences

Ted Ireland was a true gentleman and a WONDERFUL man,co-worker and friend! I am so saddened to read of his passing but I KNOW he is with the Lord now...
I never saw Ted without a smile. I worked with him at Bradlees. He worked security there and even when faced with a difficult situation, he had a heart for those that made bad choices and tried to steer them in the right direction.
I often saw Ted at CMMC greeting visitors and patients. He'd always be delighted to see you and he'd greet me with a friendly hug. The world truly has lost someone special with the passing of Ted Ireland! My deepest condolences to his family.

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Proud of the Children

I just wanted to say that although I do not know this family, I am very grateful that these kids were in the right place at the right time because this woman that was beaten could very well have been critically injured or worse! That "person" who beat her does not deserve to call himself a man--he is a coward who very likely feels powerless and so he seeks to control others whom he perceives as weaker or more vulnerable than himself. (Women and children) Something tells me if there were a 200 lb, 6 foot tall man in the room, he'd have been mouthy perhaps but not dared to touch anyone for fear that he himself would be beaten. I do not advocate violence of any kind but I DO hope that justice is served in this case for this lady and for his other victims because you can be SURE there will be more if he isn't dealt with!
Last but not least I am sooo PROUD of the kids for standing up to what is right, and especially for that young man who said that "It is not ok to hit a woman!" His mom taught him right and should be very proud but I hope she will get some counseling so she can also understand that she does not deserve to be hit and that she needs to set the bar higher when it comes to men she dates and/or marries.
TY also to Sun Journal for reporting this story. Too often these things are kept quiet so kudos for outing the criminals and keeping the public aware of this issue.