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Found Boat

Yes my son and I went searching for the boat in my Nitro bass boat with our Lowrance HDS 10 side scan unit. Since we are familiar on the proper use of our side scan electronics it took us less than 10 minutes to locate "a boat" in 35' of water matching the description of the sunken boat. The spot has been marked and plans are to recover it the weekend of 7/27. Glad to be of help to the boat owner.

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Recycle Line & Lures

As a member of Androscoggin Bassmasters we also see and pick up a ton of debris around the shores of Lake Auburn during our annual clean up in late April. The list of items, fast food items, cigarette butts, pet waste, bottles, well I could on and on and it's an endless list to say the least. I'm sure anyone riding by the lake on April 27th saw our members and volunteers from Pepsi of Auburn doing so.

I agree with Mr. Crosby that there are spots around the lake where you will find old discarded line and worm containers. As a fisherman it's a sad sight to see and one in which our club does not want to be included in when any conversation like this arises, and like anything else where a select few are making the good look bad. Androscoggin Bassmaster( members work hard all year long trying to educate folks on these issues trying to get the word out that we as a bass organization do not condone this type of behavior and ways we can help prevent it.

I applaud Mr. Crosby in his efforts to place line containers around the lake and hope they get used for their purpose.

Recycling line and plastic baits is something that our State Bass Fishing organization clubs( have actively been involved in for the last couple years. As a matter of fact at our last Androscoggin Bassmaster club meeting a few days after our Lake Auburn clean up we saw a need for such collection tubes for the lake and are looking into making and getting permission to place plastic lure disposal tubes around Lake Auburn and many other water bodies in our towns we reside.

However, the tubes that Mr. Crosby set out cost about $20-25 each and with a small club budget we are limited in the number of tubes we can distribute each season but we will remain to be actively involved in the seasons ahead.

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As a bass angler and certified weed inspector I have fished all over Maine and beyond and the concern should not be with milfoil coming off boats that are launched at the new facility but the ones that are launching from private launches on the camp owners property. I for one clean my boat after each fishing trip. I often see these personal boat launch areas that will never be observed by a weed inspector, those boats will be left up totally to the property owner to assure there are no invasives on the boat being launched. At least at the public launch there would most likely be a volunteer milfoil inspector there during the weekend if the Association/property owners really care about their pond. I also feel there is no issue with swimming, unless you tell your kids to swim in front of the launch. I personally am thankful for the State putting in this launch will be be much better than the places we have to launch now.