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Quoted from the article...."I'm not a drug dealer; I just sell some to support my own habit."

Not what you'd call the sharpest knife in the kitchen....

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So tell me; what does all of this have to do with a woman's drawstring handbag?

ret·i·cule noun \?re-ti-?kyül\

Definition of RETICULE

1: a woman's drawstring bag used especially as a carryall

2. A drawstring handbag or purse.

Origin of RETICULE

French réticule, from Latin reticulum small net, mesh bag, from diminutive of rete net
First Known Use: circa 1738

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Re: Federal Funding

Unlike the interstate system, Maine Turnpike Authority receives no federal or state funds. It relies solely on the tolls that are collected for it's funding.