Bob Baker

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Nature must be the priority, UN Power must not!

Any New World Order (NWO) must never be influenced in it's creation by the RothchildRockefeller owed and operated United Nations, Obama and any of his minions and the least of which the Catholic church organization.

Nature must be the priority, UN Power must not!

Centralized UN power is NOT something we can afford to contemplate. Any assholes striving for that power are all pro personal power anti life. They must be eradicated for there to be any hope for any life at all.

This would be a very good thing to happen to Maine.

Despite their very strong hold on the corrupt Maine politic, the wind mafia must be expunged from Maine. The Baldacci Family, the Angus King Clan and the Obama Dictatorship are not going to go anywhere. Clean up your plastic bags and Styrofoam and pay the price corporate America, and corporate bonuses may need to be reclaimed to that end. Retarded representatives must be "furloughed." The United Nations must be unarmed. An overseeing citizenry must be in place to provide direction through popular voting for the proceeding activities including mandatory death penalties for voter manipulation. All future Capitalism must proceed under the precept of Mankind under Nature.