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The State of the State

I am not always a fan of Governor LePage however putting some serious proposals on the table to at least start the dialogue of resolving some of the very difficult problems facing the State of Maine is good news. The hospitals have been much of the life blood of many communites and to not pay them seems to be counter productive. As for the building of a State Prison, hopefully an analysis of the real cost benefit of this project for the long run will show that it is a worth while investment.
I do hope that the next two years of the legislative sessions produce creative/out of the box thinking of how to meet the demands of serving those in the greatest need; those who are part of the working poor; and a way to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the citizens of the State. The people of Maine deserve the best from their elected officials...what they do not need is a mirror of the toxic atmosphere now seen in Washington DC.

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Operation Hot Spot: A good idea

I commend the local police for not only cracking down on the ususal things...prostitution, drugs etc. but also taking the time to meet with people from the neighborhoods. There is nothing that turns off people from visiting an area more then if a place does not feel safe or does not feel welcoming. Having people hanging around the storefronts, in the parks, drinking in public and in many ways intimidating those that would like to enjoy the downtown area of Lewiston is such a negative for the city and larger community. I am new to the area, and am excited about what Lewiston has to offer...a first class college; diversity of population not normally found in northern new england; and what clearly has been a concerted effort to make the downtown area alive. I am, however, reluctant to wander through some of the downtown areas and sit and enjoy the parks because of this feeling that it is not safe.
I congratulate the police department and the downtown merchants and officials for making an effort at making it not only a safe place but a welcoming area of the community.