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just a thought

Maybe a program like this is a good thing. But why should they get a free education? maybe instead make them repay their debt for their new education after they get out. This would only seem fair to the people out in the real world that are doing things the right way. Maybe even put the money back into the same program so the former inmates are giving back to the system they benefitted from.

UMaine football

I went to my first game this past weekend and it was a great time. The Black Bears though are an afterthought most of the time though because the media and local channels refuse to cover them. I remember as a kid you could watch them every Saturday on local TV. I've watched both televised games that I'm aware of. I believe the northwestern game was on big ten network and they had a game on nesn I think. Unfortunately we as fans can only watch teams that are covered. NESN would rather show Iowa state games and the local channels and news would rather show SEC and other larger conferences to make more money than they would televising local teams. Sun journal doesn't even give UMaine their own article sometimes and just puts them in a roundup with other games and sports. Just looking back real quick and there isn't an article about the game this past weekend in your paper.

perfect hand

i thought the perfect hand was being dealt 3 5's and 1 jack and then the cut is the last 5 and the same suit as the jack that is in your hand.