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The Jay-Livermore game. Ah,

The Jay-Livermore game. Ah, what a game. Every year it's different and every year it's the same. My despair at going back to school is lessened every year by the return of the Andies to Griffin Field on Friday nights. The Jay-Livvy game is never just a football game. It's a week's worth of excitement and build-up culminating into a game full of cheers or boo's, depending, of course, on how your team does. This year, as every other year, my money is on the Andies. Look out for the junior players and keep an ear out for the band this year. 70 kids marching down the hill is a sight to be seen and a sound to be heard, and this year is a promising one for Mr. Roundy and his dedicated students.

Stumbling across this article this morning has made my day that much brighter.
Thank you for that, Mr. Oakes. :]

"Cheer, oh cheer, for Livermore!
Cheer with all your might!
They have come down here,
For with us to fight, fight, fight!

Show 'em it's a cinch, boys,
Cheer with all your might!
Three cheers for Livermore,
The green and white,