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Raikuez Melchoirre

Well that didnt take long for him to mess up and be in jail again. To think i was the one labeled as the drunken thug. Karma at its finest.

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John Ziehm

Well im Buddy Edwards, its kinda ridiculous how anyone can be stabbed an excessive amount of times and it be declared self defense. For the gentlemen John Ziehm, You werent there you dont know any facts your just reading here say on the newspaper. So you should mind your business. Nobody reading this knows what i have went through in the last couple years. The fact is i got permanent injuries to my knee and radial nerve damage in my left hand and over 50 scars that i get reminded of everyday when i look in the mirror. I cant run,jump or get on my knees to play with my own child. Im not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I just want some sort of justice and closure. The defendant in this case has only served two years on this case and il be dealing with it for the rest of my life. People make mistakes, and you live and you learn. Im just thankful that im still here and want to wake up from this awful nightmare and move on with my life.