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Great job

So refreshing to read a story about a young person doing for others in need. Thanks, Patrick and thanks, Hope Haven.

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guess I'm a whiner

I expect I'll be labeled one of those whiners. I won't pay for this site anymore than I have paid for the one locally. It has been nice to be able to keep up with things in my former home area now that I don't live there anymore. Too bad. I actually read a fair amount of the content here, but can't justify paying for it, since I have had to take on a second job just to try and keep a roof over my head, a car on the road and the utilities paid. Guess that's the way it goes. Just because so many other papers are doing it, doesn't necessarily make it right. I'm sure SJ makes a substantial amount of money off the ads they run especially with the thinly veiled porn come ons that have been showing up lately. I guess that will be one advantage to not frequenting the site anymore. Not sure how I'll find out what is going on locally, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

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pantry bugs

Ziploc bags work too. I have problems with ants. I'll take the entire container in a gallon size zipper bag to keep them out.