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Can't a guy just have fun?

I just can't wrap my head around this whole thing. I get licensing and all that goes along with it. I just can't believe people are actually looking hard enough to find an event in Hebron Maine that uses 1 particular word and than to call Brooks up and threaten him with a lawsuit!! Doesn't it just seem that there are too many rules and laws and stipulations to just be able to live life the way we want to?

Stick to your guns Brooks! I wonder if they own the word Olympix if all else fails?

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Treating dogs much easier than people

I wish getting treatment for people was as easy as it is for animals. When an animal presents symptoms of Lyme, Vet's immediately offer antibiotics for 4 weeks as a standard of care. When a person goes to the doctor, even with a bullseye rash they have to advocate for themselves. I know as we have been doing this for our 2yr old daughter. The doctors were willing to give her 2wks. of antibiotics at a dose lower than you would treat an ear infection! It took raised voices and loss of patience to just get a 3rd week of antibiotics which still is less than you would treat a dog! My wife had to literally bring a bag full of Deer Ticks into the doctor's office to convince him to even test her for Lyme because he didn't believe that Lyme disease was present in our area! We NEED to have doctors that are willing to look beyond there own egos and become Lyme literate. Maybe even get the guts to even challenge CDC protocol. Maybe even more importantly not forget to have just a little bit of compassion for those that are asking for their help!

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Spin it all you want

Give me a break! Lepage isn't putting up with any group with special interests and YES, the NAACP IS a special interest group. Can anyone explain to me why it matters if his son is a US resident or not? If your "offended" because the Governor doesn't play every single politically correct card as he should in your eyes, than accept that EVERYONE has a right to free speech no matter the office they hold or not. We are the people that put others on pedistals. If you choose to put the Governor on a pedistal with the expectation that he will fall off, than in your eyes that is exactly what will happen.

I for one agree with the Governor. Good for you Governor Lepage for doing exactly what you told us you would do.