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Here are some more facts you

Here are some more facts you can choose not to believe:

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So... Are you for better


Are you for better education for our kids and country, or are you for national standards. I am not saying they are mutually exclusive, but I would, again, point out that we have had national standards for years, like 40 years. It hasn't worked. The local standards that have been alluded to here, were set by the Baldacci administration (I think) and they set the bar higher than the national standard. Our kids, in the beginning of the new standards, were performing poorly against them, but just as they started making progress, NCLB came along. When our kids performance was measured against our own State standards (again, higher than the national average) we were viewed as failing and that had consequences. So, Maine tried to opt out of NCLB and was turned down. The State Department of Education faced a choice... bring our standards down to national standards and appear to be successful or leave them where they were and be viewed as failing, loosing millions in Federal education funds. In the end, we lowered the standards.

That is why national standards are bad; not because standards are bad, but because, local is almost always better and national is almost always worse, in pretty much all things.

Common Core is different from other national education law in that it in not a re-authorization of ESEA, but something on top of it; law on top of NCLB. But, with a threat... if you don't adopt it, you lose federal education monies. And, enough of the money behind it is from the Gates Foundation, that even educators and policy influencers are uncomfortable.

Mark, you obviously have passion about this. But, you don't seem to be paying attention to the facts. We can argue big government v smaller government all day, but that doesn't seem to be be your focal point. I have argued in favor of free economy, that sailed by, too. I am left to believe that your issue is either with public education in general, which is, in my opinion wrong headed and intellectually lazy, or just with whatever I say. If that is the case, fine, but this is end of my participation. I am not shooting from the cuff; I have invested time and effort in understanding the realities and have developed an opinion from facts. I am open to discussion and if I have misunderstood something, I am willing to reconsider my point; so far you have given me nothing to work with.

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I have no idea what you are

I have no idea what you are in favor of or against.