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For education?

So basically you are saying that since your children are no longer in school, you're not willing to pay for others' education.

"EVENTUALLY" the pre-k will be state mandated as it is in 40ish other states. So why not MAKE MONEY from it while we can? It is NOT a tax burden - it brings IN money - get your facts straight.

"It all depends on family life?" - What happens when the family life is increasingly bad in an increasing amount of homes - as seems to be the trend? Should we just forget those kids? I guess we're going to have an overwhelming amount of juvenile delinquents because we teachers can't help them, according to you. I'm sorry to be a part of that world.

Raises across the board? THE RAISES ARE NOT ACROSS THE BOARD! Again, as said in SEVERAL meetings - they are to make teachers in the RSU being paid less than others even with those getting paid more. SO I guess that's ok with you since you said give those that haven't had raises a raise. SO stop voting no for that point that you are apparently misguided on.

I can almost guarantee you that my household makes less than yours. I have been hit by the school budget twice.... I no longer have a teaching job. I AM IN FAVOR OF THIS BUDGET! I will stretch my dollar to find the small amount each month to help the children of the RSU. They are more important to me than coffee each week.



I WORKED in RSU #16 and WE DO welcome and ENCOURAGE volunteers - that's what the "Volunteer" stickers are for in the office when you check in - just so you know. As far as the craft supplies go - talk to individual teachers and see if they need/want them. A secretary won't take something that may be thrown away. Check to see who needs them and they'll take them for sure. I would have loved to have them when I was there - depending what it was...


Why do you think so little of teachers?

OH where do I start? I cannot believe those of you that think teachers are rich and selfish and have a "Cadillac" benefit package. PLEASE - go volunteer in a school - for a WHOLE DAY... spend some time with a teacher. Better yet, spend time with a teacher from the time he or she gets up in the morning until he or she goes to bed. See what goes into the planning and implementation of lessons for your children. PLEASE pay attention to the behaviors in the classroom that were not there 30 years ago when 30 students was the norm.... or even 15 years ago when I was in school and MAYBE 20 was the norm. With households where two parents are required to work, or two parents don't exist, students need more educational attention in school.... they are not getting it at home. Behaviors have changed, attention has changed, accountability has changed. PLEASE spend some time in a school and witness those changes before you accuse teachers of not deserving every penny they get!

If you want quality educators, you need to offer them something better than the surrounding towns - even if it's 20 sick days that they'll never use (it doesn't cost you anything if they don't use them - so stop griping about the number). Otherwise those quality educators will opt for those other towns - and your children suffer.

I know throwing money at a problem doesn't fix it - but you need money to supply the basics... and right now, we don't have that.