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No work permits

The problem is not that they need support. It is that the feds will not allow them to have work visas for 6 months. Many of these people are professionals, teachers, doctors, etc and cannot work. This is why they need financial support. Mayor McDonald needs to quit complaining and work with the feds to get these people work visas.

It makes not sense to my that immigrants can work from day 1 but people seeking asylum can't.


Where has this guy been?

It's called to Oak Hill monster and it's been around since I've lived in the area. It's been spotted quite a few times in people's backyards on or around Oak Hill.


I could not agree more.

And, if you are approved for medical marijuana, you need to shell our hundreds or dollars for background checks. Not everyone can afford it which is why I'll bet many obtain it illegally. And therein lies a problem. If it's grown illegally, growers may use chemicals and other herbicides that would make people ill if the pot is ingested in liquid form.

It's time for the government to step up and legalize it. It's taxable and don't get me started on the many uses of hemp.