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Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

Isn't the governor of Ohio former congressman and Fox News host John Kasich, and not former U.S. Senator Mike Dewine?

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Minimum wages, the greedy top 1%

Income disparities might be unfair, and economics may affect families profoundly, but I don't think you can pin family breakup on tough times for the working class. The poor were far worse off materially in 1935 than they are today, but there was no crisis of divorce and out-of-wedlock childbirth. The culture has changed for the worse -- everyone thinks about fulfilling their personal desires, and never considers a duty to society, or even to their own children. Today it's 'Do I want to marry my girlfriend?' where in the past, it was 'Do I have a duty to marry my girlfriend?' "Will I find it personally fulfilling to raise my own children?" versus "Do I have an obligation to stay with my children and their mother?" We need to forget what we want, and remember our duties.

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Equal outcomes?

"The Common Core standards are the only way to achieve equal outcomes for all students." Wow. My head spins. We should try to achieve the greatest learning possible for each individual student. But some will be valedictorians and some will finish last in their class. The only way to to 'achieve equal outcomes for all students' is to teach them all exactly nothing. As soon as you try to teach them something (e.g. the alphabet, or the numbers one, two, and three), some will have learned it better than others. The more closely we focus on achieving equal results, instead of optimal results, the more pressure there will be to neglect the highest performing students, and only spend our energy trying to get the worst performing students up to the most lenient definition of proficiency. We have to start with the right goals.