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GOP challengers

Did Mr. Legere challenge any white voters? The GOP does not want every citizen to vote for obvious reasons.

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Garcelon Bog

When I was a kid I lived in the Russell St area and we used to spend our summers in those woods. We even had a flat bottom boat that we used to get around in. In the winter we would skate on the bog. It was great fun and I am very happy to read that the area is being preserved. Not sure why bow hunters would be there though.

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ACS is not a good company to work for. I have a personal friend who worked there. The pay is lousy and the benefits are even worse. After 1 year on the job there were very few people who had started at the same time as my friend who were still employed at ACS. If Charles Morrison thinks these jobs benefit this area he is misguided and misinformed. These are not good jobs. I would like to know what the average pay is and what the benefits are.