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Obama - socialist

Bush policies irrelevant, my friend.

Obama policies only relevant.

1. Obamacare.
2. Redistribution of wealth.
3. Big government.
4.Crony capitalism > Solyndra.
5. Cazrs > unanswerable to Congress.
6. Class warfare > tax the rich.
Equals rank socialism.


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Obama and firearms

Fact 1. Senator Obama said he didn't think anyone should be able to on a gun. That should scare the socialism right out of anyone.

Fact 2. Criminals, mentally ill or law abiding citizens? File suicides under mentally ill not law abiding citizens.

Fact: 3. Fox news, the fast growing news organization and now the largest as they are the only ones you can count on to get things right, reported burglars used map as they were there for the express purpose of firearms.

Fact 4. President Obama; despot.

Fact 5. I know of no one who believes if you keep firearms secret the government will not be able to find them. Schwarz's were found through search not registry which would just make it easier for Tyrant Obama.

If Tyrant Obama is no friend of the criminal misuse of firearms; then why does his lack of administration not prosecute more. Could the tyrant want more firearms crimes for his nefarious agenda?

Fact 6. Tyranny: Man's attempted usurpation of GOD's Sovereignty.

Fact 7. Tigm to get something to eat and lug wood. Have a nice day my friend.


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Do not twist things

I never said that the burglars using info from The Journal News were found with the list. What I said was I saw on the news that the robbers used info from the list to locate homes where firearms could be found.

To say they were not found with the list is a slight misquoting which greatly changes the slant on the facts. In the future would you please refrain from such underhanded tactics.

If you believe more murders are committed by law abiding citizens something is wrong. One is not abiding by the law when they murder. Most murders are committed by criminals against other criminals and law abiding citizens. Far more often than law abiding citizens murdering in a fit of rage is a murder by a criminal; then there's also the mentally ill.

A federal gun registry is nothing but a list for the government to take firearms away from citizens.

President Obama said as a senator that he did not believe anyone should be able to own a gun.