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Really Dosh

is that what you offer in defense of your beloved Emperor. King liar. The Foreign Service must have really affected your brain, talking in riddles like you do.

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Yes and since when does a

President have the right to make changes to a bill that has already been signed into law without sending amendments for that law before congress for discussion and vote. He has stepped and spit on the Constitution how many times now? He has no respect for the country, he never has and he never will. Mr liar an chief. All you liberals must love being lied to, cause this clown has even got Clinton beat.

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The only true way to fix this disaster

is to can it for good. The only winners in this deal are the takers. You want to insure the uninsured then write a bill the covers them and leave the rest of us the hell alone. I don't feel bad one bit for those who voted this President, (Mr. liar an chief), back into office, thinking they were going to get something better for nothing and have lost the coverage they had, for the price they were paying. You think it's so much better in Canada and Europe, then move there and you can write home and tell us how you like paying their taxes. Nothing in life is for free. Someone has to pay for it. As a matter of fact, move to Greece, where they are confiscating peoples savings to pay for their socialist ways and tell us how that works for you..