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Rumford? Seriously?

Despite what I'm reading in the comments below, and certainly despite this story, Rumford has one of the worst reputations in the state - and for good reason. I don't know ANYONE who would have anything nice to say about that hospital. I keep all of my providers in Farmington and through the Franklin Memorial Hospital network because of their far superior quality of care. Every time I have set foot into Rumford Hospital's emergency room, the bedside manner has been terrible and the cleanliness and conditions of the building are far less than satisfactory. When I have mentioned what town I live in to other providers (not even in the Western region), they agree with my experience and cite their own.

With that in mind, I now shudder at the idea of ever visiting any one of the other hospitals listed, nor any other "rural" hospital in the country - surely they must be deplorable considering what the bar has been set at.

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What about employers who commit fraud?

That's lovely to hear, since there are certainly people who do anything to get on unemployment as soon as they saw the "ease" that people who needed it got it.

However, I'd like to know why LePage isn't cracking down on employers who also commit fraud? Like the people who run an inn in Wilton and fly through employees whenever it comes time to give them a raise, they simply hire someone else. Or, in my case, when I was injured, they waited until three weeks after I returned to work, claimed I was making errors on paperwork (when I was actually constantly correcting their mistakes and they OWNED the place)and fought my unemployment claim.

I now owe $1700 do the state of Maine because THEY lied to the State. That's really fair. So what about that? It goes both ways.

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I hope nothing was stolen and

I hope nothing was stolen and that their insurance covers the damages. It really hurts when a small, family-owned business is hit by undoubtedly local hoodlums. It feels so personal. They're pretty brazen to hit a business nearly across the street from the police department. I hope they're caught in the future for their obvious stupidity.