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How times change

When I was six or seven I got a pair of Roy Rogers six shooters and a dual holster on a belt. Yessum just like ole Roy wore on TV. They were purchased by my parents. I used them all the time when we played cowboys and Indians (my apology to the native american's). Sometimes it was cops and robbers.

The whole neighborhood played (Six corners area of Auburn). To the best of my knowledge not a one of the gang has ever been in trouble with the law, save a traffic ticket or two.

The make love not war crowd has turned this once strong nation into a bunch of people afraid to answer the door when the postman knocks. My biggest fear is what it will be like when my grandchildren get to be my age (68 and counting).

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Tell me I'm having a dream here

Tell me I'm having a dream here. A kid is suspended for two weeks for a bright yellow water squirting device. Ok I will agree that it could be disruptive in class were he or she to suddenly start wetting the class down. By the size of the device I would guess that not one person would drown from the water held by the device.

This is over reacting at it's worst. Should the child be disciplined certainly. A couple of hours of detention would seem appropriate.

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You forgot

You forgot when buying alcohol an cigarettes. Nobody complains when they are carded for those purposes. How about before getting on an airplane, or getting a drivers requiring a birth certificate. It just hurts people when it is convenient for the democratic party protecting their voter base.