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The day Kennedy was shot

I was days shy of my 9th birthday. This was the day I was invested into Girl Scouts as a Brownie. I do not remember teachers saying anything while we were in class but I remember everyone talking about it in whispers. It never really sunk in til my mother came to the Scout meeting and I asked her about it. After that it was days of sitting glued to the TV - watching all the footage over and over. And then the funeral. I was to young to actually comprehend the consequences of what was going on but the feeling of sadness and grief was there everywhere you went. It was a very sad time in the history of the United States and it certainly made a very big impact on me at the time.

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I was a member of the

I was a member of the Bicentennial Committee and was there the day the cake was served. It truly was a sight to see. Mr. Gallant did a wonderful job and we were all very grateful to him for doing it. I have since moved away from the area and I guess I forgot that this cake topper was still around. Thank you for the reminder and the flood of memories it brought. Our committee worked hard to give Rumford a bicentennial celebration to be proud of.

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This brought back many memories - and lots of laughs. I do agree that cell phones are used excessively in today's world. I am a cashier in an area big box store. One Sat, with lines longs, and everyone in a hurry, a woman came threw talking on her cell phone. As I said good morning, I was greeted with a scathing look. After ringing up her purchases I proceeded to tell her the total and again the look came out. When I asked her to sign for her credit card, I was told that I was the rudest person around for interrupting her phone call. That woman probably needed one of those Grandma slaps up side the head!! Go figure