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Not calming down

Mr. Theriault, I agree that the courts have the ability to sentence someone properly for the crime committed. The problem is they are not sentenced properly. The courts tend to be very lenient and give them slaps on the hand. Maybe if the courts took domestic violence a bit more seriously, the mother and 2 children that have died at the hands of the abuser recently may still be alive(family near Bangor area). That isn't the only case but its a more recent case.

The problem lies within the judges who do not hand out the sentences they could be handing out. Kill an adult you can get 60 to life, kill a child you can get up to 20 years. Beat your family daily and you get a slap on the hand.

Any parent who says to the victim "you must of deserved it", should have to feel first hand how it feels to be beat on. That is just ignorant and disrespectful and shows the lack of love in this household.

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Daycare or Drug Center

I am all for drug rehabilitation centers and services to help folks who need it but not at the expense of exposing children to facilities like this. There is a daycare center not far from where they want to put this clinic. I dont care if its over the 1000 foot mark from the daycare or not. It doesnt need to be in that neighborhood. I am sure there are other options for a facility of this kind to be located elsewhere and I do agree with Linda Glass, Pediatric Associates obviously focuses on children and they dont need a drug clinic next door to them. I realize that having a clinic like this could be very helpful to those that need it but you need to find a location that isnt down the street from a daycare or a pediatric doctors office.

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Ok so I see that my comment was edited by the administrator....I would like to know why....I didnt put anything in there that was vulgar or use profanity. I made a point about her statement and you delete it? I could understand if I had used profanity or been out right disrespectful but I wasnt I giving and example...that simple.....I am highly irritated with this.