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Thank You

I'd like to thank Senator Snowe for representing the people of Maine in a professional and unbiased manner. Although I may not always have agreed with all the decisions she made, I do appreciate the fact that she is one of the few politicians - Republican or Democrat - who has been willing to make decisions based on information and facts vital to an issue instead of mindlessly adopting the directive of her political party. Thank you Senator Snowe.

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Whoopie Pies and Redecorating - Where are his priorities?

Governor LePage should be working on things that are far more vital to the people and State of Maine than renaming rooms and abusing the power of his position to vandalize a building by removing a mural and hiding it. What ever happened to economic recovery? What happened to a focus on restoring and creating jobs in Maine? All that is put on the back burner while LePage focuses on passing laws to name the Whoopie Pie as state desert and puts his energy and effort into redecorating the Labor Dept Building? And then... the icing on the cake is that he's now on vacation after spending 3 months doing nothing useful. Where are this man's priorities? Maybe he'll take several summer vacations and then maybe, just maybe the functioning governing bodies can get some work done without him behaving like such a distraction.

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No Surprise!

It's absolutely no surprise that such outrageous and ridiculous behavior ends up on a comedy show. Before it's over LePage will probably set the Guiness record for the most times a Governor has been the source of comedy show jokes. The man is a self-centered bully who behaves as if laws, rules and contracts don't apply to him. He's seems oblivious the real world around him. He's like a redneck Governor.