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Hold on a second...

Mary Jane, maybe YOU need to re-read the Constitution, and maybe get a brush-up on government basics. There are three branches of government with checks and balances. The president, despite your claim otherwise is not singlehandedly responsible for the debt. The republican-controlled congress needs to approve any spending he wants to do and establishes the budget. The senate, with a slight democratic majority cannot by themselves override the house. So all have to be in some sort of agreement for these things to pass. You shouldn't knock one person for doing what all are involved with.

As far as guns go, there is nothing mentioned about removing guns from people, only putting restrictions on the type of arms that can be purchased. Do you seriously think that the Constitution included the concept of semiautomatics as a means of protection? If anything, it was referring to muskets and single-shot rifles. Regardless, the ban would only apply to certain types of higher capacity military style weapons, not all guns, so you should get your facts straight.

Its tragic that people concerned about losing guns can't seem to be as concerned about how we prevent tragedies like Newtown, Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc. from happening again.

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A lifestyle choice... Gordon, if being gay is a lifestyle choice, when did you face that decision to be gay and decide that being straight was the option for you (assuming that was your choice)? Curious to know, since I never made any choices myself...

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Seriously, Paul.

Who's being a drama queen here?