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You're Off Topic

I don't tend to ignore anything. My comments were started with regard to constitutional carry. This is common practice for many people to go off topic and use the same comments ...... again and again .... "ad nauseam". For me, end of discussion. Have a great day!

Misinterpretation of the word "precise" .....

Your first sentence speaks volumes. The rest reaffirms the first.

Show me a scholar that can back up your statement of a precise
language. Any language for that matter.

Believe want you want, you have that right.

Absolutely ..... Nothing.

It's but four words. Many people have interpretations of those words, along with the rest of the 2nd amendment. There's also the words militia, regulated and I'm sure others up for interpretation. Your question, like many others before you, is frequently repeated "ad nauseum" and it indicates to me that you aren't really interested in a good discussion. Trust me, I understand... in it's proper context.