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Well said, Mr. Sabine,

Well said.

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I'd really like to see

a college freshman able to write a proper sentence, complete with proper spelling and punctuation.
I'd really like to see a school program that doesn't punish, yes punish, an entire classroom because two of the students aren't able to keep up with the pace due to learning disabilities.
I'd like to see a program that allows students to use the same tools that they will be able to use in a work environment. Memorization is a great tool, but in a real world situation materials are generally available to aid a person in the performance of their job. Let students have the same materials available to them during tests, especially in high school.
I would like graduates to know how to file a tax return. I would like them to be politically aware. I would like them to be taught how to budget money wisely and how to shop for food and necessities because they're not going to ask their parents how to do any of these things. I learned them in school and thought everyone did. Boy, was I wrong...

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It's more than that...

Some folks are just A##holes, plain and simple.