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So all the examples were

So all the examples were either temporary, what appears to be a joke, or towns of less than 500 people.. Except for Hot Springs New Mexico that changed in 1950.. 40 years before something called the internet.

So far the backup to your argument is less than inspiring.

CMMC alone has 1500+ employees. I'll be getting into the business card / advertising biz if this happens...

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just an opinion.

To rename the Cities into one new name .. is dumb.. in my opinion.

Keep it Lewiston-Auburn.. otherwise.. what happens to every business in town and their stationary, signs, business cards..
Anyone talk to Google, or the thousands of other online search engines or online directories like yellow pages. How long do you think it will take for that madness to get updated. Good luck to your cousin coming over to visit and putting in Great Falls into the GPS... cause TomTom's never heard of it. plus Fire / EMS.. who gets to keep Main Street? Summer Street? You can't have two streets named the same thing in the same City.. Looks like it's time to assess every street name and which are duplicates and who will be forced to change...

Good luck applying for grants, coordinating tax returns and all other state and government forms and paperwork.

It's a disaster waiting to happen and makes no sense.

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Great Falls = Dumb

You would name it Lewiston-Auburn.. anything else would be completely stupid. Throwing away hundreds of years of history.. in addition to spending millions to rebrand everything. Not like I think this will ever happen anyway.

Why don't we consolidate services.. you don't need to be one City to do that.

The Falls aren't even really called Great Falls.. they're Lewiston Falls...