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Shooting at straw men

The NRA is really good at setting up straw-men targets and getting its membership to shoot at them. Of all the gun-control proposals that have been offered up, almost none--and possibly none at all--would have anyone's guns taken away, least of all background checks. What the NRA leadership is especially good at is instilling baseless fear among their members. They are masters of manipulation.

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Grover Shmover

Does anyone really care what Grover thinks? Representatives Keschl and Knight are intelligent, honorable men. I forgive them for signing his silly pledge as long as they remember their loyalty is to the people of Maine, and not to his selfish agenda.

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Prison bond

It wasn't too long ago that there were nearly 500 empty beds in the county jails. Why do we need a new prison? Let's take a close look at Senator Tuttle's proposal to bring back parole. It might help reduce the prison population, if that's really a serious problem now.