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rate fell really???

did it really fall or did a politicians dream come true they went from unemployment to homeless???? when they run out of benefits are they considered unemployed? we could have more like 30% unemployment if all those are really counted that cant find jobs for lack of manufactures who left this country or knock offs made in other countries while receiving subsidies by our own government to do so. To fix our economy is very simple bring back the jobs create a level playing field where costs are equaled by tariffs, and use such tariffs to build back what corrupt politicians have created. then and only then will we begin to stop fight each other on welfare and healthcare, and will again be a strong country not dependent on other countries for goods which we no longer make.


fire after fire

fire after fire and no conviction. A man can torch a house and claim incompetent to stand trial and be let loose again knowing he can do it again without punishment, I hope it is not the same one. Bu if it is the judge and lawyers should be charged with accessories to these fires to allow a known danger to exist without supervision. Or it could be another yahoo that saw the fires last year and saw that no one has gone to jail for them, (Oh what a great legal system we have in Lewiston.) and if it is a juvenile then where is his parents? at the hours these fires were started no child should be out and about. Also given the time these fires started the culprit should be charged with attempted murder as he should have known the act could have likely caused death.


Wish I could get a raise

Wish I could get a raise guess the only way is to work for a monopoly or the state where ratepayers and taxpayers are defenseless! .