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Leavitt grads

Ben Ramser, class valedictorian, gave a moving inspirational address. His message was one of the best and was good advice for everyone. Nice job, well done !!!

Cell phones

Why did we expect anything less ? Our representatives and senators ride around talking on their cell phones . They are setting a poor example and certainly not abiding by the wishes of their constituents. I for one, will make my vote based on the right thing to do at the next election. I feel that cell phone use should be banned while driving. No one's life is worth that one call. There is nothing so important that it can't wait for someone to pull over to the side of the street. Freedom has gone way too far.

Impressive resume................

What a wonderful story for a truly hard working canine. She certainly has earned her retirement. Cpl.Corey was a very lucky man to have Inka working with him. I am sure they made a terrific team. A happy, fun filled retirement to Inka and many happy memories to Cpl Corey. Very inspiring, upbeat story. Thank you.