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The passing of Joe Perham, my dad who passed at the age of 92 loved Joe's tales of Maine, On his birthday I would always gift him with a few of Joe's cassettes. he would play them over and over, whenever a visitor would stop in, he would take them in to listen and laugh to every story Joe related to. Rest in Peace Joe, and thank you for the humor you rewarded my dad and others with

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Sales tax reduction?

If I remember correctly, King was against the Sales Tax reduction, took it to the Maine Supreme Court, hoping to get a ruling that would delay the implementation for one year till 1999, allowing him time to kill any reduction at all, much like the Income Tax two years earlier. Fortunately, the court upheld the law, allowing the reduction in 1998

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No excuse for the Governors words but what about the Dems?

Although I can make a attachment to what the Governors' mind set was when making the Gestapo reference, I felt that they were a poor choice of words. The same conclusion I had when State Senator, Democrat Dawn Hill referred to Republicans as Nazis, when dealing with the Maine Care cuts required in order to balance the budget. Democrat Representative Chuck Kruger comparing Vice President Chaney to Saddam Hussein, twittering that he would like to witness a live streaming of Chaney being hung for his amusement. Where's the apologies from them for their choice of words? Where's the coverage of this on the news? Why is Minority Leader Emily Cain and Democrat Justin ( voting rights for non-citizens) Alphonds silent on these poor choice of words? Expect nothing but the sounds of crickets when it is one of their own who crosses the line. The liberal hypocrisy of the left is so apparent