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As a neighbor who spent years

As a neighbor who spent years getting rid of trash tenants next doorI know how hard it is to do that. One must be very stubborn and be an absolute pest with the municipal government departments who are not fulfilling their obligations.

This mayor is on the right track; get rules in place to allow such bad tenants to be removed and the community will be the better for it.

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Typical MCAHV tactics

This is typical anti-gun group tactics, bend the rules, use the worst and untrue data and spin the tale so as to get the advantage. The truth be damned! They have so few facts on their side they have to revert to slime, spin and other false data to push their attacks on out Constitution.
Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence is caught again using less that honest tactics to try and fool the public. Thank God they were caught!

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Typical conflict of interest!

This blatant attempt to skew the outcome is typical of school administrators and boards. Never mind that Auburn's taxpayers are stressed already, you have to remember that, "its for the children,"
What you need to remember is that for the amount of time spent the teachers are extremely well paid. Many are only poor substitutes for teachers and many are not even teachers but get to do the work that the teachers are paid for.
Our education system is broken and way too expensive. Time to rein it in!