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Gov. Paul LePage at America's Small Business Summit

I love Gov. LePage. He's attempting to rescue Maine from the welfare state it is becoming, and he's driving the liberals crazy - it doesn't get any better than that.

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Pro-choice Republican

So, we should abandon our morals compass in order to win elections. Not me. It amazes me that people can be pro-choice about life, but are usually not pro-choice about illegal drug use, or seat belts, just to name a few - and there are many more.

Also, the writer mentioned that abortion rights have been around for four decades and would be difficult to undo. How long did America have slavery, about 250 years? It's a good thing we didn't abandon the cause of slavery because it had been around for too long.

I respect ones right to be a pro-choice Republican, but as for me the life issue is my litmus test. That's the first thing I check, because I feel that if you are pro-life, then we probably agree on most other issues. I disagree with changing the GOP to pro-choice. Let's keep our counter to the Democrats - look around and see what has happened to our society since we as a country decided to cheapen life

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I believe 24 years of living on Air Force bases allows me to comment on the benefits.