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egos? yet maybe just lacking BIG money? and workers-with-sleeves-rolled-up??? in order to implement those big ideas???

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well we got too carried away????

u notice article sez "printable" slogans at end? EXLAX: it has LA in it" didnt make the grade!!!!

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"would be junk shop"?

call it what u want but i had 29 such discount stores, liquidation yards, bargin' barns, tourist traps, recycling centers up to 15.000 sq ft/3 floors, all over NE over 44? years!!! Some successful... til i came to Greene!!! Please call selectmen to register your opposition to new law(2011) shutting down all such operations by overly severe regulations!!! meanwhile stop by for real low priced deals/sales on awesome unbelievable millionz items from world over in every category. Call first for questions/best service; 2409342