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Sorry to see a dedicated person let go. Wish you the best of luck Dora in the future. What is Gov.LePage thinking of?

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sentencing MrGreco

The sentence was to light but I can see and understand why it did not go to trial. At least he can never drive again. As always Mr.Hanstein sees things his clients way and it is always an accident nothing more. However if Mr.Greco was taking methadone and prescription drugs then he had a drug problem. Togus should have notified motor vechile to this and let them decide if he should drive or not and if not they should have pulled his license. I hope now the family of Avis can put some cl00osure t0o the case.

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Bo one should have a medical

Bo one should have a medical marijuana card as marijauana kills brain cells and makes people difunctional and they cannot use their brain to be productive people. Marijuana should not be allowed to ever become legal and marijuana clinic should never have been allowed to exist in Maine or any state. Marjuana ruins peoples lives and the money they pay for it is riducolus and wasted because they have nothing to show for it after they smoke it accept a mind that does not function properly