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Your nuts

First off, you don't even have the guts to use your real name. I was not commenting about the daughter, that is why my comment came after the mothers comment, it was addressed to the mother, I don't even no the dauther. Then the only comemt you made here that is correct is that I hollered at the bus driver, which I don't no why that is any of your business anyway. Those kids were not just riding a 4 wheeler, there was more than one and they rode them endlessly round and round going on the other side of the hawthorn tree that is there, and if I remeber right, I told the FATHER that I didn't mind them playing in my field, I just didn't want them tearing up mu grass like they were taring up the fathers grass. If not wanting my lawn torn up makes me a bad person, then I guesse I am bad. I have never called the police on anybody in my entire life, including the fathers kids that were turning around in the real road, if they want to get run over thats there problem, but I do no who did call, mayby the father should go and talk to there new found friends that lives across the driveway from me, hint, hint. Yes after the kids tore up my driveway the father made them fix it. I thought nthat was great and thanked them when they were done. The previous tenents were running an illegal day care center at there home which I didn't care about untill I saw all the kids playing in the raw sewage that was comming out of there septic system and flowing across my property and into stetson brook. I gave them plenty of time to do something about it but they refused, so I did something about it, I didn't like seeing the kids playing in the sewer water. If the father new how to plow, he wouldn't be leaving snow banks in front of my driveway makeing it difficult for my wife to get out, that is why the swivel feature is on the plow, hint hint. Maybe you should get the facts right before running your mouth....

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Funny world

You no, it is funny to read the things you say, with your supposed high moral standards. We live right next to you and you are bullying use for some reason that we don't even no about, you can talk the talk, now try walking the walk...