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I'm a gun nut!

I am sick and tired of all this name calling! I like guns, I believe in the US. Constitution, I served ten years to defend this nation, and I am now labeled a gun nut because of the few out there who went on a killing spree.
Well If we are going to take the tools of death out there than we must take allof them, makes sense doesn't it? Well I weork in a major trauma hospital, amd the other night we had a young man come in Dead On Arrival. He was driving a truck too fast and went off the road inmto a tree. So I guess we all now must turn in our tru cks with the V8 engine. I mean a young man is dead, his life gone, no more generations for that family. What about all the deaths from drunk drivers? Should we ban alcohol, or again here is a reason to outlaw cars!
No lets stop making emotional fixes, and use our brains to find the facts! Take a look at the city of Chicago. A city that has banned not only magazines, but guns. Last yearon almost any day you could hear gun fire! In fact there was 2698 shootings! This in a city that has banned guns! This just points out the fact that only the criminal will have a gun. This won't stop these killings, now the law aboding citizen will be at the mercy of the criminal. We will only hope and pray that the police, who have had to cut officers due to budget cutbacks, will arrive in time.
So I ask you, why do I have to pay for the crimes of others? The shooter in Newtown got his weapons from his mother. She paid the price for not securing her firearms Not only that but all we hear is how the AR with a 30 round magazine, if banned would have changed things! The truith is the shooter used handguns and the rifle (not an assualt rifle but a copy because it is not fully automatic) was found in the trunk of his car.
In closing lets look at the facts and leave emotions out of things. If an armed guard or teacher, both who have been trained in the proper use of both tactics and firearms, is what is needed then lets do it. But taking the attitude that if law abiding citizens don't have some thing will fix things is like sticking ones head in the ground.