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Whatever happened to CMMC's overpayment from the State of Maine? I believe it was $115 Million. Did that ever come back to Maine? I highly doubt it. As I understand and agree that bills should be paid, I find it odd that hospitals have no money. I see most of them buying a lot of buildings and land and then laying off much needed healthcare workers. Are they still classified as Not For Profit? Seems like if you have no payments and no profit it would be difficult to keep buying property on MAIN Street. We are all going to pay for this one way or the other, but it seems to me that Paul Lepage was promoted by the hospitals and feels indebted to them for that.

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Pay back the hospitals?

Didn't we overpay CMMC a while ago? Was that ever returned or should we just keep giving them more so they can buy more property while remaining a "non-profit"?

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Good For You!

Congratulations on your new venture. Two great people who love animals, what more could anyone ask for?