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8mm camcorder needed

I am looking for an old 8mm camcorder. I finally got around to transferring my tapes to DVD and my camcorder quit! You can't play the tapes in a special cassette, so unless I can find an 8mm camcorder, I am stuck with 50 tapes from 10 years ago. You can contact me at Thanks!!

No Name Farmington ... If

No Name Farmington ...
If you'd like to email me at, we have a list of books that we are looking for (Westerns & Romance) and if you have any of them would be happy to purchase them! Also, you can trade books in at the Book Nook, located on Rte. 26 in Oxford. They will give you store credit at the rate of 50 cents a book. Nearly all their paperbacks sell for $1 each, hardcovers for $3.50. Very nicely organized, and great bunch of guys!