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Well said

I think you pretty much summed it up Mr. gravel.

You are correct Mr McQueeney

Except i dont believe they will do a thing with it other than hire a appraiser to tell them that demolition is the only correct choice. but even that will cost more than a million when they have to abate asbestos and other heavy metals etc they may find on that site.

Who benefits and who loses in a worumbo mill owned by the town?

I think that my extra $60 a yr for 30 years or the rest of my life being added to the tax rate for my property needs to have a lot more benefit spelled out for myself, and all the taxpayers of lisbon. Before we commit to make a nice space for a selectman to park cars for his new office and body shop. Because thats all they are talking about at this point is parking after demo, and the parking would benefit who? Fern Larochelle. Who else? I dont really much of anyone else getting a benefit other than it most likely will look better than the eyesore it is right now. I dont fault the business community because even parking does look better than a building that is abandoned and decrepit. But how about we tell the owner the building needs to be addressed and painted and windows repaired or the town moves to condemn and demo the building and charge the owner for the demo? yes there would be legal fees, but lisbon is well within its rights to do this. Besides everything else sprucing up that building would make it much more saleable. My two cents.