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Remember their refugees escaping an oppressive homeland. That they go back to for vacation from time to time.

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a third option.

you make it sound as tho every pot user has problems. if someone enjoys a good lobster from time to time are they unfulfilled the rest of the time? its not all ecsapisim, not every conversation is an attempt to run from lonlieness. i think for most its simply a change in perspective, an possible enhancement to whats already going on around them.

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not on the same page

the legislators in the article are quoted as "it being to much work" as the reason not to pass the bill. reaching ones full potential is the responsibility of the individual not the goverment. i do not see Marijuana use to be all that detrimintal to ones potential. i belive you have experienced individuals who are depressed and using pot to self medicate. thus you equate pot use with lack of drive. i would not want anyone under the influence of anything working on my helicopter, that goes for legal antidepressants as well. legalisation would not result in everyone comming to work high just like legal alcohol dosent mean every worker out there is drunk.

i belive legalisation will make it more difficult for kids to get thier hands on it. the corner store cashier has alot more to lose then your corner drug dealer, who by the way would be put out of business.