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Randall, cheaper housing

Randall, cheaper housing can't do that. If you are tired of the way the city looks, one way you can help is by going outside with your friends and picking up trash. Think about how clean things would get if we ALL actually helped out instead of just bitching about it. That said, I think the problem lies equally with the landlords and the tenants. It makes no sense to blame one and not the other. What people need to do, landlords and tenants alike, is to take some responsibility and stop thinking "It's not my problem"

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I don't necessarily agree Frank, but points for being hilarious! Yeah, that building on the corner, if I'm thinking of the right one, big giant white building on the corner of walnut and bartlett, is a craphole. But I will say that the owner of the buildings which burned down on pierce/bartlett actually took pretty good care of the building.

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This is ridiculous -- he's right, he really is able to do any damn thing he wants and then walk. Maybe next he'll kill some people while selling heroin to 3 year olds -- what difference does it make? Bryan Wood has a get-out-of-jail-free card and he can do anything he wants. Burn down some more houses Bryan! Who's gonna stop you?