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Content, emphasis, tone and

Content, emphasis, tone and more importantly.... intent. Now begins the gradual assassination of our chief executive. our print media. LePage was completely dismissed by January 2012, until the budget struggle. Now it will begin again....ramping it up. Funny....none of this occurred with Dirigo Health....remember that?

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There are so many good

There are so many good aspects to this law. There are also many many parts that are blatantly over reaching. I don t think he lied.....I just don t think he is familiar with the actual written law. . He delivered a speech prepared by others.

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hahahahaha Tank yoo berry

hahahahaha Tank yoo berry much. It was nice too here frum you. I hope I am not typing to fass for ya. I wonder if this guy disguise. I ll call Paul tomorrow....tell him to watch out.....there is a democratic operative.....under his bed. With a tape recorder.