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Google "Norway Saving Bank Arena"

If you do google this you will see how useless LAEGC (and our own in house economic development unit) is at getting the word out. Only a small bit in the Bangor Daily News and a couple quick spots on WLBZ (Bangor) and WCSH (Portland) are found.

If LAEGC were to do it's job honestly and effectively, the fact that we have the only multiple sheet ice arena in the state should have made some waves somewhere. Yet even thirty miles away in Portland there was no mention of it in the media there (except for WCSH).

This is the kind of results we get for $165,000 a year. Shame on this council if we continue to shell out this kind of money for nothing.

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ALL school committee members and all councilors except Adam Lee - who is the new Ward 4 Councilor and not at large - have served before. They have all been in city government for at least two years. If they don't know how the city works by now, we are all in trouble. Mr Lee is a capable, intelligent person who can and will ask questions if he needs to do so.

Why do we need to waste the time and money to put on this dog and pony show? If it is being done for the benefit of the community, then okay. But don't waste the department heads' and staff time and money for this event just to enlighten folks who should already know what is going on in city government.

As for the lack of a formal orientation, I guess Mr Deschene is of the opinion that nothing happened in Auburn until he was hired. He must believe we spent the past 160 odd years just wallowing in our own waste waiting for his enlightenment and leadership. We haven't!

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Why mothball Ingersoll?

With more than a year to plan for the repurposing of Ingersoll Arena, why did this city council let the city manager get away with mothballing this icon facility? Auburn has been deservedly proud of the establishment and growth of Ingersoll.

Now THIS council has let all that history get mothballed. And they gave the city manager a $2,000 raise as well. Thanks for nothing city council.