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In a long list of DA's on the docket for a position which they should not be Malony pretty much fits the bill. Her decision not to attach any further charges and allow for bullying on this mans property fits her pretty well that she wants to make friends with SAM and the NRA. There is a weakness and disconnection and she merely wanted the job; instead of having the personal fortitude to do the job. If she should be presented with any further gun cases; then perhaps she should recuse herself as any New York attorney would make these charges stick. If she wanted to be a DA and meet and greet with the NRA and SAM for being a Democrat in name only then she has succeeded and made a difference as to why we should look for other names instead of an election year Princess and darling. Including Malony wanting the entire records sealed I'd ask for a personal inventory of associations, those who she meets with, whether or not she does this for political establishment, and whether or not she should be dismissed and disbarred for life from practicing law. She wants to allow for bullying and sealed records; I'm sure a few federal lawyers could take over and handle any further cases as she could be a weaker link and perhaps facing corruption as to how she has handled this case.

Instead of vote for Malony the NRA and SAM should post that she's bought and paid for to their whims. That she has no process of evidence, over promoted, and wanted the job instead of being able to do the job. Disbar and dismiss Malony as DA!

Not really

You know what I'm saying you just don't want to admit to yourself what I'm saying is perfectly natural in the sales and business world. It was an intense and chaotic time to be involved in loss prevention. You talk of it like it's something which should never be mentioned or even theorized about; then you mock people about it. As well as the investigations those happened after I'd been "burned" and people found out I'd been recruited as a transfer manager to make sure those tactics weren't used in other stores as well. Basically, the clean up guy to keep stores honest and with a better inventory record system. I like a good, clean, and honest system; you don't seem to like that Jeff Johnson. This means a real "burn" wherein if you are found out the entire crew that you worked with turns against you including a loss prevention manager who can summon the feds for ongoing investigations which in reality find nothing. I'll just cut my losses right here; you advocated the model of breaching confidentiality for students and cutting special education, any time a loss prevention guy shows up you get a little bit more scared, and the timid nature of mockery means that at one time or another they've had you; until you figured out how to "flip" them. Am I right Jeff; I don't "flip" so easily and I don't like that insulting motion; I've met a lot of folks like you before. In the end mockery seems to be the most common route to frustrate someone. You don't know that line of work and I'm glad you can find it insulting; here's to praying you live in interesting times and find the same occupation and vocation as I found.

Not a Security Guard

I'm not a security guard I was trusted by my former district and regional manager to obtain information on who was swapping sales and who was misrepresenting digital and computer based technologies. The answers I want you've already provided to me and now I'm not going to be nice. The friend who is just below a Superintendent who you admire for business reasons, tell me do they advocate the measures of Kaplan in obtaining and breaching student information so as to deny them services to keep the schools budgeting correct? Does your wife use the pretense of breaching student information to obtain it and deny them special education? I was an early childhood education major who broke ranks with Kaplan over exchanging student names and progressions. You'd do best not to define me as a "security guard" these measures are being overseen by Peggy Rotoundo after I filed the report and provided the syllabus. Does your friend use student externships or internships as they maybe classified in Auburn? Perhaps you might know better not to insult me; what's the name of the friend? You go for the progressions and full names of students to breach confidentiality waivers which are in place; is that the good business practices you want in place?

It also caused me to be "burned" working for my company with several investigations. Keep the head up the rear end and try discrediting everyone for fun right Jeff? You like insulting people until it starts getting a little bit closer to home. When it does you want someone to rush into it and try to stall whatever might be insulting you. When it comes down to it all you have is a business mind cycle and if anyone disagrees with you, you bully them and insult them all the more. Known a lot of people like you; now does your wife openly advocate the same model and does the friend in the higher-rankings hold the same esteem for Kaplan?