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I reported you

Ur comment was not called for. its called cyber bullying and un called for. U can do service for charities thats all good but when u tell someone who is a drug addict to go kill themselves all ur causes have gone down hill from there. It mean nothing. That is a human life. So your saying even a 15 year old child who is a drug dealer too should go kill themself too? Thats basically what your saying too. How would you feel if ur mother of your child was told to go kill themselves and they did because someone told them to because someone told them in a post? How would you feel? Really these people need help and I think they deserve a chance to have help and not be disgaurded as trash and i think you think they are trash. U know what I think you need some help yourself and should find someone u can talk to and find out why you feel the way you do. But when you make statements like this its called cyber bullying and there is alot of adults doing it these days and kids are doing it today and they are killing themselves because of it and adults are doing it themselves too online and i think ur a grown man and u should know that its wrong to not say things like that.

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I smell trouble

I seriously hope they really check id's and be careful who they let in there. I smell trouble brewing coming their way. Anytime a new bar comes along it goes good but then something happens. I dont think allowing 18 year olds is a good idea im sorry something always happens in places like this. Im sorry im not saying all 18 year olds are trouble makers but there are 18 yr olds that ruin it for them. They are going to have to watch really closely.