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senseless article

What an absolutely senseless article that demonstrates the total lack of understanding by the writer and most interviewees of alewife restoration. The alewives being stocked will not grow in Sabattus Pond, spawn and retire back to the ocean. They will simply spawn in the pond, leave the pond and attempt to return to the ocean. Those that survive turbines and predators as they go downstream will return to the ocean and may return to the Androscoggin to spawn again. The baby alewives that are the product of the spawning will live in the pond for a couple of months and then leave the pond in the Fall to go to the ocean where they will live for several years and then return as adults to spawn. The spawning adults will be in the pond for just a few weeks and during that time will provide a food source for pike. The young will provide food for bass and small pike for only a couple of months. When the young alewives leave the pond to head to the ocean, they will take with them nutrients that are in the lake that promote eutrophication. Alewife restoration has been shown to promote cleaner, clearer water by removing nutrients.

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Meant to write Reynolds. Apologies for the error.

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More falsehoods

For years Mr. Nelson has misrepresented the impact of predators on Maine's deer herd. Now he's telling fairy tales about the Idaho. The elk populations in the Lolo Zone have been declining for years due to habitat loss-not wolf predation. Idaho has hundreds of wolves and most of the state is at or above the target elk densities set by Idaho Fish and Game. Just as the coyote issue in Maine is a non-issue when it comes to deer predation, so is the wolf issue when it comes to elk predation. Far more deer and elk are killed by humans than are killed by predators. The notion that predators should be killed so that more elk and deer are left for humans to kill is disgusting. Thankfully, people like Mr.Reynolds are becoming an ever increasingly small minority.