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something smells fishy

looking for donations etc... sounds like a scam to me she needs like mark said to be investigated totally i think in my opion looking for quick cash but now she's made the news i hope other stores look out for her and refuse to sell her items from the though of being sued if she had the chciken for a while why didn't the maggots spread to the other chicken? and why was the maggots not colored the same color as the sauce?

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what part of

what part of breaking the law giveshim the right to sue the sheriff, if he didn't break the law he would not be in this problem bad back and knees from breaking into houses look bud you made your bed now sleep in it plain and simple

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who has a name like this LOL

Punk Icee, 53, of 42 Walnut St., criminal mischief at noon Saturday on Sabattus Street did he once work for the good humour company or something wonder if he dyed his hair to match his name as well LOL