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I agree completely with the

I agree completely with the utilization of co-occurring Courts and the approach Kennebec Co. District Attorney Maloney has in addressing the unique challenges of Veterans (who often find themselves struggling with addictions), however the cost of the rest of the Governor's approach is bizarre.

There's a fair amount of data both generated by Maine DHHS and outside reviewers e.g. Pew, Vera, etc of the cost of both our prison system and substance abuse treatment services here in Maine.

In Maine, the average cost of incarceration per year per person by 2010 data (the most recent we have) is $56,269.00 and for the same year the average cost of evidence based substance abuse treatment is $3,134.17.

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I would agree that coming to

I would agree that coming to school ready to learn is critical. I also would point out class sizes of 30 or more is not unusual in Europe (Germany and Hungary where I have lived and worked), I would also add that European children begin public school later than Americans, my wife who is Hungarian (a developmental psychologist by training) has been quick to point out to me that extra year or two in the home is critical for development of social skills which translate into a more mature and serious student. That pays off for everyone.

I am curious about the spike in MaineCare costs, and will need to find out a bit more since it should not have as much impact unless Lewiston is bearing the the full seed cost and not receiving FMAP. The schools were not Medicaid compliant several years ago in billing so that is an area to look at for that portion of cost.

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Thank you Friends of

Thank you Friends of Pettingill Park! A lot of thanks should also go to the City Council and Mayor for having the long range wisdom of preserving the land to allow us to develop the park for the benefit of everyone.

I agree with my neighbors that there are already a number of houses and land for sale in the immediate area that have been for sale for some time, the city dumping more housing into the market sounds good (I feel the burn of the cost of living like everyone) but will not improve our property value or city tax base. The city voted for a long term development strategy which will benefit everyone, not just the neighborhood as Lewiston is recognized as an excellent place to live, interact with others, and start a business.

Again, thank you City Council and Mayor and all the Friends.
John, Kati and Kelen