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Keep him going!

Balance that budget! Get the state employees to do their jobs and see how much can be saved. Get rid of the paid sick days, and dump 2 or 3 of the paid Holidays they get as well. OH wait unions can't do that can we, hmmm to bad, guess they won't suffer like the rest of us.

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Why should any retired person get free insurance, it a major problem with budgets in this and other states to begin with! OH, i forget, must have been a union thing! Which is the other problem with this country! I am not angry at you or anything, I just have big issues with the whole union and free bit. Sorry if I came across as rude, was not my intent.

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Call it what you want!

This bottom line simply goes to greed. Weather it be big corporations, stock holders, unions, and most definitely insurance companies. Every one wants more and more for less and less. It is one heck of a future that our kids are gonna inherit.